Want to Organise Your Photos on Your Computer?

Photo Organiser - the Ultimate Cross Platform Image Management Tool

Photo organiser software is used to manage extensive collections of Photographs but is not just aimed at the serious photographer and image collector. Anyone with hundreds or thousands of images will benefit from using Photo Organiser to keep track of their picture collection(s) because its so easy to use!

If you store hundreds of thousands of digital images (scanned negatives, downloaded images, or photos straight from your digital camera) - Use the BelieveIT Photo Organizer software to quickly Find, Sort, Filter, Find Duplicates, Group, Share, Copy, View, Move, Slideshow, Categorize, Backup, Restore, and much more - everything you need to secure your valuable photo collection!

Easy to install, and unlike many other image management systems, Photo Organiser has a simple to use, yet sophisticated, user interface combined with a powerful database - it enables complete control of your images with no computer expertise

Effortlessly assign multiple categories to each image or groups of selected images, speedily flip through thumbnails of images or full quality images, smoothly zoom in and out of full quality images using your mouse wheel, slide shows selections, select categories using and, or, and not operators.

When you install Photo Organiser you won't have to spend, days, weeks and months sorting your images all over again - simply point Photo Organiser at your current image location, create the location as an "Image Store" and without changing images, system files or folders Photo Organiser will make it instantly easy for you to see, sort and filter them faster than ever before! You can have many image stores.

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Be in control!

Photo Organiser can be installed on both Linux and Windows, the Image Stores you create and the images stored within them can be viewed from both operating systems if you install the software onto a removable storage device!

The licensed version is suitable for serious users and professionals with hundreds of thousands of images - The un licensed (fully functional FREE) version is suitable for hobby users with up to 3,000 images.

BelieveIT Photo organiser is a dedicated image management system, not a fancy extension to an image editing tool or a social networking tool - It cannot change your image files, but you can easily and simply select your favourite image editing tool from within the software when you want to alter them!

BelieveIT Photo organiser is not a remote storage service (or Cloud application) - you install the Photo Organiser software onto your PC and point to your images on your PC - So you maintain full control of your images - Photo Organiser's no fuss backup and restore functions help you to keep your images safer.

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